Lake Of Bays / Entrance to Haystack Bay

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N 45°16.430 W079°01.186

DEPTH: 15-28 Feet

PRESENTATION: Dropshotting, Tubes, Ned Rigs

BAITS: Soft Plastics

This Hotspot is a narrowed-down area on Lake of Bays in the Muskoka region of Ontario.

It’s an easy one to find as there is a red channel buoy directly adjacent to it. 

The unique part of this Hotspot is the big, extending sand and rock point that juts out from shore and then plummets into deep water. This is an ideal area for Smallmouth Bass as well as an array of other game and baitfish.

Bottom contacting baits like Dropshot Rigs, tube jigs, and Ned rigs are made for spots like this. They’ll catch fish all day long.

However, if you plan to be there at sun up, throw some topwater or jerkbaits on top of the point and work them out to the drop-off. 

We followed the fish by using our electronics. They were moving around the point in the 15’ to 20’ foot depth range. Later in the day we also saw and caught smallies in the 20’ to 28’ foot range.

The bonus to this Hotspot, if you go directly across to the other side of the channel, the green buoy is marking an almost exact replica. Both areas produced fish for us!

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