Shawnigan Lake, BC (Smallmouth Bass)

Pete Smallmouth

Location: Shawnigan Lake, BC GPS: N48° 38.721 W123° 38.829 Species: Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a subtle point at the mouth of a long bay on British Columbia’s Shawnigan Lake. It’s more of a flat than a point, but it does have some contours which attracted us in the first place. Since it’s only around […]

Reaching Deep for Walleye – Episode 513

For this late fall Fish’n Canada episode, Steve Niedzwiecki and I head to my old stomping grounds, Ontario’s Bay of Quinte. As far as cold, open water is concerned, Quinte is one of the worlds best for big Walleye. This body of water is one of my absolute favourite Walleye waters in the entire country. […]

Fish Talk – Troll Cleanly

Hiya folks, Gord Pyzer here, for Outdoor Canada Magazine. You know, trolling is such an effective technique. Trolling crankbaits, minnow baits, jerk baits—for Muskies, Northern Pikes, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Walleye, Trout—it’s the way to go. But trolling you know, in big open water areas, one problem is catching debris on the surface. Might be mayfly cases, […]

Fish Talk – Jerkbait Secrets

Hiya folks, Gord Pyzer here, for Outdoor Canada Magazine. I want to talk today about painfully protractive pauses. You know Jerkbaits are one of the best lures you can throw all season long, but they absolutely excel in the coldest parts of the season, early spring and late fall. The key with Jerkbaits, as the […]

Rocky Mountain Northern Pike – Episode 505

Northern Pike in British Columbia? No Freakin’ Way! BC is the Salmon capital of the world with various Trout species directly in line… right? To try and prove our point, you’ve probably seen Angelo and Nik in a previous BC episode wailing on numerous giant Lakers. Then it was Angelo and Pete’s turn. Again, they pounded […]

Marten River, Ontario

Location: Marten River, Ontario GPS: N46º 42.197′ W079º 46.155′ Species: Smallmouth Bass This Fish’n Canada Hotspot is a shallow flat area on the Marten River system that holds roaming, feeding Smallmouth during the summer and early fall months. Try throwing fast baits like spinnerbaits in spots like these. If the weeds aren’t too thick, try a […]

Prespawn Lauzon Smallies – Episode 499

This was Fish’n Canada’s first lodge shoot of the season and one that Ang and Pete were really looking forward to. “There’s a couple of reasons that Ang and I were pumped for this one,” says Pete. “First, our home base was Lake Lauzon Resort, which is a drive-to Northern Ontario lodge. Easy access. Secondly, […]

Old Mission Temiskaming Walleye – Episode 497

On this Fish’n Canada episode, I (Pete Bowman) reunited with good buddy John Blanchard. Both Ang and I have shot with John and we certainly know how hardcore he is as an angler. He’s also a fishing guide, which means he knows his way around pretty much any water he fishes. And he knows how […]

Tide Water Stripers – Episode 495

This Fish’n Canada episode had me (Pete Bowman) travelling to the nation’s beautiful east coast. I was hoping to lock horns with one of the most belligerent, muscle-bound, yet exotic and extremely gorgeous fish in the entire country: the Striped Bass. Local fishing guide Steve Delaney and I are going to be hitting the St. […]

Fish Talk – Fish The Conditions

Hiya folks, We often hear the pros talk about fishing the conditions. Today was a perfect example. The wind was pounding in on the points, the shoals. And those are conditions made to order for throwing a jerkbait. I probably caught 50, 60, maybe even 75 Walleye. If I had picked up a jig and […]