Shawnigan Lake, BC (Smallmouth Bass)

Pete Smallmouth

Location: Shawnigan Lake, BC GPS: N48° 38.721 W123° 38.829 Species: Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a subtle point at the mouth of a long bay on British Columbia’s Shawnigan Lake. It’s more of a flat than a point, but it does have some contours which attracted us in the first place. Since it’s only around […]

Golden Eagle Smallies – Episode 506

On this Fish’n Canada episode, Angelo ventures northward with his grandson “Niki” to a remote corner of Ontario, fishing on the renowned Montreal River. Their home base is Golden Eagle Camp, which is situated in Sidney Creek, one of many arms that branch from the main river. One of the great things about drive-to operations like Golden Eagle […]

St. John River, New Brunswick

Location: St. John River, New Brunswick GPS: N46º 01.114′ W067º 14.420′ Species: Smallmouth Bass This great Smallmouth Hotspot is on Nackawick Stream which is a branch of the St. John River in New Brunswick. Early season smallie angling can have the fish in a variety of moods, so a variety of baits and presentations are a must. […]

Fish’n Canada in the Rough – Episode 493

It was back in July of 2012 when Fish’n Canada’s Pete Bowman had the honour of fishing with Keith Beasley from the very popular Canadian hunting television program Canada In The Rough. They fished for Largemouth Bass and they had a hoot! If you don’t know it, Keith is almost as avid an angler as […]

Fish Talk – Disposing Soft Plastic Baits

Hiya folks, I want to talk today about disposing of your soft plastic baits properly. Soft plastics these days, whether they’re stick baits, worms, frogs, or grubs, you can buy them impregnated with scent and heavily salted, so when fish pick them up they feel so natural and taste so good, you get a great […]

Fish Talk – Topwater Stick Baits

Hiya folks, I’m gonna share a secret I earned on the Bassmaster Elite circuit, covering a couple of tournaments for Outdoor Canada magazine. And it’s about Senko-style baits. Now every Bass angler has tons of Senkos in the boat. You fish them “wacky” or you fish them Texas-rigged. But what the guys on the Elite circuit […]

Fish Talk – Colour My World

Hiya folks, One of the most frequently asked questions that I get at seminars is, “How important is colour?” or “Is colour really important?” The answer—believe it or not—is yes and no! Every time you pick a lure out of your tackle box, the one thing you always want to think about is depth control. […]

Fish Talk – Secure Your Stickbait

Hiya folks, Y’know,  one of the most innovative baits to come around in the past decade or so are these stick baits, the Senko-type stick baits. And you can rig these things wacky style; you can put them on a drop shot rig; one of my favourite ways is to rig them Texas-style, where they’re […]

Fish Talk – Stickbaits in the Wind

Hiya folks, One of the most popular baits—probably the most popular bait—to come along in the past decade or so is the Senko-style stickbait. These things catch everything. The one problem fishing these baits, because we normally fish them weightless, is throwing them when it’s windy outside. Here are a couple tips to make that a […]

Soft Stick Baits In The Junk – Episode 445

Hardcore Largemouth Bass anglers tend to be a pretty focused and enthusiastic group. Opening day for them is like Christmas morning for kids—complete with all the toys! In a typical Bass boat, you’re likely to see rod and reel combos that could include six flippin’ sticks, five pitchin’ poles, and four wormin’ rods, each rigged with […]