Shawnigan Lake, BC (Smallmouth Bass)

Pete Smallmouth

Location: Shawnigan Lake, BC GPS: N48° 38.721 W123° 38.829 Species: Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a subtle point at the mouth of a long bay on British Columbia’s Shawnigan Lake. It’s more of a flat than a point, but it does have some contours which attracted us in the first place. Since it’s only around […]

Lake Nipissing, Ontario (Multi-Species)

Location: Lake Nipissing, Ontario GPS: N46º 13.645′ W79º 55.728′ Species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskellunge This Hotspot was located during our 2016 Fish’n Canada Bootcamp* up at Chaudiere Lodge. It’s a back bay that harbours Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, the odd Pike, and if you’re really lucky, you could even tie into a […]

Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario

Location: Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 52.242′ W077º 0.585′ Species: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a small Bass bay on the north side of Kashwakamak Lake. The key to this bay is the wood and cabbage weed—perfect for both species of Bass. Any Bass bait will work here. Just be aware that it can […]

Golden Eagle Smallies – Episode 506

On this Fish’n Canada episode, Angelo ventures northward with his grandson “Niki” to a remote corner of Ontario, fishing on the renowned Montreal River. Their home base is Golden Eagle Camp, which is situated in Sidney Creek, one of many arms that branch from the main river. One of the great things about drive-to operations like Golden Eagle […]

Marten River, Ontario

Location: Marten River, Ontario GPS: N46º 42.197′ W079º 46.155′ Species: Smallmouth Bass This Fish’n Canada Hotspot is a shallow flat area on the Marten River system that holds roaming, feeding Smallmouth during the summer and early fall months. Try throwing fast baits like spinnerbaits in spots like these. If the weeds aren’t too thick, try a […]

Ottawa River, Ontario

Location: Ottawa River, Ontario GPS: N45º 34.613′ W075º 06.110′ Species: Muskie This Hotspot is an area in front of the South Nation River on the Ottawa River. Areas like this that have both incoming and outgoing water are always great fish-attracting Hotspots. Throw double bucktails, Shadzillas, and maybe even a big topwater in the morning […]

Fish Talk – Topwater Technique

Hiya folks, One of the most exciting ways to fish for big muskies and big Northern Pike is throwing them a rat-type bait, a topwater bait, anything up on the surface. But topwaters for big predators, they come with their own set of baggage. One of the problems, when you throw a topwater bait, is […]

Hotspot – Killarney Triple Threat

Mill Lake – N 45° 59.980’ W 81° 13.054’ Today’s Hotspot is a great area for Muskie with the odd Northern Pike and Bass, on Mill Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. This is a classic example of a break line on the deep edge of a big shallow weedy bay. […]

Fish Talk – Topwater Stick Baits

Hiya folks, I’m gonna share a secret I earned on the Bassmaster Elite circuit, covering a couple of tournaments for Outdoor Canada magazine. And it’s about Senko-style baits. Now every Bass angler has tons of Senkos in the boat. You fish them “wacky” or you fish them Texas-rigged. But what the guys on the Elite circuit […]

Hotspot – Algoma Smallmouth Trio

Tube Lake – N46° 14.299 W82° 17.795 Today’s hotspot is a single log that is a perfect hangout for a big smallie on Tube Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. Try using a topwater bait first and if that doesn’t work then use a tube jig, senko, or drop shot a […]