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POLL: Are You For or Against the Cormorant Cull?

This week’s poll is a question that is creating controversy in Ontario: Are You For or Against the Cormorant Cull?

Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you chose your answer!

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FINAL RESULTS – September 29th, 2020

Cormorant Cull Poll

Fish’n Canada’s Thoughts:

Yay team! Er, sorry… we meant, “Hmmm, interesting.”

Let’s be honest here: The only two solid facts we know about Cormorants are they eat the hell out of fish stocks and they destroy the hell out of beautiful landscapes.

Since we are primarily a fishing website and put this poll up for our users, the outcome was fairly predictable. Especially when it comes to opinions on a living creature whose sole survival food is fish. Had an anti-hunting/fishing group posted this poll, it most certainly would have gone the other way.

Cormorants are an invasive species that, ironically, have been protected for years. Are Asian Carp protected in North America? Of course not. Are wild boars protected throughout the world? No sir. The reason being, they are in one way or another destructive—just like the Cormorant. So, the question arises, why have they been protected for so many years?

Our own question pertaining to the poll results is: Of the 12% who voted against the Cormorant cull, how many know of the devastation and havoc this creature brings upon Mother Nature, and how many of that 12% are regular users of this fishing website?

We’d like to know.

One Reply to “POLL: Are You For or Against the Cormorant Cull?”

  1. I remember some years ago watching a t.v. documentary which featured the placement of plaques honouring many Canadian military on islands throughout many provinces. There was a comment made regarding the cormorant and they showed various small islands that were destroyed by the acidic waste from the birds.
    It was shortly before that when an Ontario MPP (I believe MNR) decided that the bird was once indigenous to the province and should be re-introduced. So we spent a small fortune to re-establish them and they have successfully destroyed vegetation, and the perch population. One local area that I used to ice fish has no perch anymore. I have sat for five hours and not had a bite. I’ve since given up fishing that area.
    I don’t hunt but would not object to the cormorant being totally eliminated. They serve no good purpose!!!

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