POLL: Do You Eat Largemouth or Smallmouth?

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Do you eat Largemouth or Smallmouth?

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  1. I’m spoiled …never eat bass we have one of the best walleye fisheries in the ontario so we injoy walleye and perch……my family and I believe there the best tasting

  2. In my area we have both small and large mouth bass , have never fished either, nor ate either . I prefer to catch , and eat fish out of cold water , less likely to have worms .

  3. I am no doubt missing out on something great. I am not a bass Fisher. Agreed they are fun to catch however I release any that I do. Based on what I have read to date I may start chasing them again. I have seen too many with worms.

  4. My wife and I do consume a moderate amount of Bass. Perusing the archives I have found several reasons for doing so that may be of interest.

    Bass are incredible for eating, seeing as it’s a rich source of proteins with a two-ounce filet containing an average of 15 grams. The meat of smallmouth and largemouth bass is also low in calories and fat, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep a lean diet.

    Just like all edible fish, the bass is also a source of essential fatty acids called omega 3, which are absent in most other foods. These vital nutrients have been attributed to lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, and reducing heart disease risks.

    Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass is also safe for consumption, including in moderation by pregnant and lactating mothers. You have to be keen about the state of pollution or mercury content of the waters where bass is caught.

    What size of Largemouth bass is best for eating?
    The ones I’ve eaten were all in the smaller range, think 12 to 14 inches. These ones offer the best flavor, and larger, older fish could be less desirable for eating.

    So, should you eat Bass? I think so. As I have always said, “Life only appears difficult, simply because we lack the appropriate knowledge.

  5. To my knowledge I have never caught one! In the sixties, as a kid, I fished Boundary Dam near Estevan and only caught perch and the odd pike, now in BC only Rainbow and Kokanee. Totally sucked at salmon fishing but did catch a few.
    I suppose that’s why I’m so amazed that so much has been made of “Bass” fishing. Still can’t believe that you can actually make money fishing bass tournaments and as a non bass fisherman I do get tired of hearing about bass. Perhaps I’m missing something here:-)

  6. I eat both of the species. I usually keep smallies more than bucketmouths, but their is one lake I fish that has exelent tasting Largemouth. I practically grew up on Georgian Bay smallmouths in the summer.

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