Raceway On Simcoe

Boy them car guys can really catch fish!

Let me explain. I just spent a day on the water (Lake Simcoe) with Gordon Nimeck of Raceway Chrysler (a radio sponsor of ours) and his son Chris and them Nemick boys can catch em’!

We started out fishing around Georgina Island and I believe the first fish of the day was a 5 and a half+ Smallie caught by Gord. I said “this is gonna’ be a good day”!

A good day it was.

They popped a couple more smaller fish and then things slowed down. I decided to move and what a move it was. Mr. Nemick and son proceeded to catch smallies of all sizes for the next 6 hours. It was awesome… 3 times I scooped up 2 Simcoe Smallies in the net when the boys doubled up (I love doing that).

The technique of the day was dropshotting Yamamoto Shad Shape Worms… it was dynamite!

To Gordon & Chris, thanks for the great company and giving me great practice on the net!

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