Angelo Viola talks Don Cherry – November 16, 2019

Angelo Viola expresses his opinion on the recent media frenzy towards Canadian celebrity and former Hockey Night in Canada host Don Cherry.



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  1. I personally agree with Don Cherry on the view of everyone in Canada should wear a poppy no mater where you originated from . The veterans fought so all could have their freedoms in all aspects of life in Canada, either when you were here then or have come recently. Without their sacrifices we would be a communist society under rule of government and having no choices in our lives ..

  2. Your comments in regard to ‘you people’ , well said sir, well said. Sometimes social media is too toxic, too political and at times great. Social media the Jekyll and Hyde of our times.

  3. Angelo you are correct . It has become a time where anything spoken or written can be viewed as “RACIST” remark . It seems to be the “trump card ” to be used ! It does not matter if the statement is correct or true the “RACE” card is played. As Cherry stated “you people ” refers to all who were not Respecting the Day , thats all. My parents came to Canada in the fifeties and were proud to become Canadain . My dad told me when he came here , is , first you learn to be a good Canadain ! Because we were all supose to be eqaul and Canadain first not last.So act like one .


  4. Excellent commentary Angelo!

    As a Navy veteran myself, I to was outraged at how social media and news broadcasters alike, literally high-jacked the entire Remembrance Day itinerary. Stoking the fires of indignation over two common words (“you people”), said in the heat of passion for those who laid down their lives for our freedom.

    As “you people” well know, Don Cherry is a staunch supporter of our men and women in uniform, so let me fill you in on a some facts as to where Don Cherry was coming from in his “love of country statement” the other night.

    A few years ago I had the distinct pleasure to speak with a World War II veteran who I just happen to meet at my local mall. When he noticed my Navy ball cap we immediately struck up a conversation and things got quite intense, real fast! I wanted to know his story, his truth, his feelings, during his time in the theater of war. Hollywood war movies just don’t cut it.

    Shivers coursed through my body when he informed me that while he served in the Canadian Air Force, he was a tail gunner aboard an British Avro Lancaster four-engined Second World War heavy bomber. As his story continued, what came next literally brought tears to my eyes.

    I knew and he agreed, that a tail gunner in W.W. II had a life expectancy of only 3 missions or less. When I asked him how many missions he actually flew, I was flabbergasted by his response. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “I flew 21 missions and every time I went up, I never expected to come back.” I replied, “Were you not afraid of dying?”

    What came next almost brought me to my knees as tears rolled down my cheeks. He stated, “We didn’t think of the danger. We had a job to do and we did it.”

    I asked him one final question before we parted. “Did you get of them bogies? “Yup”, he said, “I got two! I looked back and said with a beaming smile,, “Atta boy Sir! Atta Boy!”

    Acts of sheer bravery such as this is what bought our freedom from the tyranny that was encompassing the world. That is what all “YOU PEOPLE” should be thankful for each and every Remembrance Day!

    Please, find a war veteran in your area. Talk to them. Hear their stories. Empathize with them. Your life will be changed forever! Mine certainly was.

    Yes, Blood! Guts! Glory!….All “you people”, me included, owe them a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. Next Remembrance Day, get down on your knees and thank your God for their unselfish sacrifices. We literally owe our existence to these brave men and women.

    That is what Don Cherry was talking about!

    1. WAY TO GO ANG.!!! Yes my dad was also in the Air Force and yes he did take a bullet in the chest but was able to fly back to base.. patched up and right back at it.. We do owe our way of life today to these Brave men. Sometimes I look around today being a lot grayer around the ears now wonder at these younger folks with the new attitudes they have for there fellow man.
      WAY TO GO DON CHERRY .!!! We respect your ideals .

  5. I agree with you completely. My grandfather was a veteran of WW1, wounded on Vimy Ridge. A couple uncles fought in WW2. One of my uncles was killed in Korea. They all went over there to fight for freedom, so Canada would be a safe haven for refugees fleeing the horrors of war. If a segment of society, “you people” should need a refresher on who provided that privilege, just look at the man,or woman wearing a poppy. Pick one up, it’s the least you can do for a man who picked up a gun.

  6. Thank You I appreciate you standing by us… Angelo and Im glad to hear you are feeling Better.
    As a fellow TV fishing personality /Live Vlog / fisherman and most Important a Veteran I was totally appalled by what had went down. Not even a short company correction or talking to but straight out fired. I have lost friends and family in the service and I have always been happy that I provided my life to the country but there are days like the last sept 11th that I question it and humanity.
    We are all Canadians, why cant we get this thru our frozen skulls. I was recently told we are no having aboriginal Remembrance and Sikh Remembrance as a separate institution. OMG WHY. What they did was heroic and brave and I thank them for it when ever i can, But they are not more important than everyone else. One Remembrance day for all of the people involved to bring us the FREEDOM we are growing to not respect. WE ARE CANADIAN !!!! ACT LIKE IT..
    Love your show.

  7. I agree 100% Ang with what you said and why Is our government always changing our rules and regulation to suit a very small group of people just so they can be politically correct what ever that is .Keep up the good work.

  8. I’m saddened by Don Cherry’s comments. I whole heartedly agree with his message, unfortunately his approach could have been better. He has a loud and proud voice that we all tune into for a reason, because we want to hear him. In his passion though he forgot that those that come here come for a better life, a life that our veterans enabled for us. He could have used his voice as a reminder and a teaching point to new Canadians that Rememberance Day is important to us and why. That they are here because of their sacrifice. It’s easy to shame. It’s even easier and more rewarding to teach. This is also a lessen to those that were up in arms upset over the “you people gate”. They too had an opportunity to teach but they chose to shame. Let’s do better next time.

  9. Given Don Cherry history of emotional and stirring remarks. It is incredible that they (Sportsnet/Rogers) did not protect themselves with a disclaimer such as the one at the beginning of this editorial. And if they did have a disclaimer in place then did they have cause to fire Don?

  10. Thank you for your comments Angelo, they are spot on!
    As a write this I am looking at a picture of my father in his WWII uniform at the ripe old age of 19 yrs, along with his medals of service that has sit proudly on my desk.
    Don,s comments that too many people take the Canadian way of life for granted is on the money.
    Lets not lose site of who we are as a nation.
    All that those vets ever asked of us is that we remember and honor them.
    That,s not a big ask.

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