On This Weeks Show – November 30, 2019

The funniest guy in Canada joins Angelo to talk fishing! Ron James is an award
winning comedian, and the star of “The High Road”, a CBC broadcast on New
Year’s Eve. Last year over 1 million viewers tuned in.

Bass tournament fisherman Ryan Flaro joins Angelo. In 2016, Ryan won the B1
on Lake St Francis by 1/100th of a pound! Trying to repeat in this year’s
tournament against some of the best bass tournament fishermen is a major
challenge. How did Ryan make out?

Dr. David Keith is a Canadian, working on solar geoengineering at Harvard
University. What would happen if a high altitude balloon was released into the
atmosphere, and released 1kg of calcium carbonate? Is this an effective way to
protect the ice sheet in the Arctic from global warming?

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