On This Weeks Show – September 21, 2019

Ionica Sciences from Cornell University, are seeking approvals for their test for
lyme disease. CEO and Co-Founder, Omar Green, says they have a reliable test
that could be available next year.

Wil Wegman from Aurora Bassmasters is on his way to Algoma for late season
bass fishing. Does Wil have a secret to share about bass in Algoma?

The Happy Camper, Kevin Callan, is back! Did Kevin make the planned canoe trip
from Lake Simcoe to Georgian Bay? And why did Kevin give up his canoe trip
guiding service?

The Weather Network released the fall forecast and the winter preview. What are
we going to get, and how do they know? Doug Gillham will join Angelo with the fall
and winter prediction.

The Conception scuba dive boat caught fire and sank off the coast of California.
This tragic accident claimed 34 lives. Brian Pallock from Dive Source is familiar
with the boat and shares his thoughts with Angelo.

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