Ontario Women Anglers – August 10, 2019

Yvonne Brown from Fishing 101 and Ontario Women’s Anglers is Angelo’s guest. There are a number of upcoming events for ladies to try angling, including a fall session fishing for muskies.

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  1. An ode to a Woman Angler:

    Hey everybody, do you wanna know what?
    Sharon beat my fishin’ butt,
    She beat my pants off and did it right,
    She caught more fish by the end of the night.

    She won the big trophy, that’s what they say,
    Because Sharon’s the champion of this fishin’ day,
    So hey there Sharon, get me some bait,
    I’m gonna go fishin’ before it’s too late.

    Gonna drop my line into the water with care,
    In hopes that the whopper is gonna be there,
    But if it’s not, that’s all I can say,
    So good luck fishin’….and have a good day!

    Please note : There is more truth woven into these lyrics than any man can imagine.

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