Shut Er’ Down

I’m hating the feeling of writing this piece since this is the end of Bass season in parts of Ontario. There is snow on the ground, small northern lakes are freezing up and the boat is hard to maintain in the driveway. Makes me angry… but we still have the big Walleye!!! Mike and I are going out next weekend with a bunch of buddies… oh yeah and a fly fisherman too. Hopefully we’ll have some kind of report for you.

In my last couple of fishing outings I really didn’t have a stellar fall but it was still pretty good. In September I took out the “2 Willys”, a couple of guys who really love fishing but can’t get out much, and we really slayed the fish. Probably caught at least 30… good day. In October I had 2 more outings with friends and again we pulled a bunch of Largemouth on one day and a bunch of Smallies on the other. Found a new spot on the father-in-laws lake which is very cool. It’s funny how lazy people can get (at least me). I have passed over this area at least a dozen times to get to my good area and always said “man one day I have got to fish this”. Well I finally did (a hump) and instantly started catching Smallies. Not big but still, it’s another waypoint for a tough day.

I needed one more kick at the Largemouth can for this year so I took a tour around a week ago (mid Nov.) but could only rummage up 3 fish all under 2 lbs. I’ve got to say, one of my weaknesses is not being able to fish Largemouth because of our conditions. I’d truly love to be able to have 50+ degree water from November to June and be able to legally fish for these beasts.

Is fall about fishing or Halloween? Well here is a picture which I aptly named “Bowrod’s Night In Paris”.

Hell, I’ve even started my Christmas shopping… can you say loser???

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