The Bass Pro Challenge: Boys Will Be Boys

by Pete Bowman

The Bass Pro Challenge

It’s dangerous, it’s dumb, it’s illegal—but you have to admit, it’s kind of funny.

Apparently, the latest craze in fishing, hunting, camping, and outdoors shopping is The Bass Pro Challenge, which is taking a plunge in the gigantic fish tanks at different Bass Pro Shops locations and broadcasting the antics on social media and apps like TikTok.

The culprits tend to be young people; those who have a mischievous and dare-devilish flair to their personalities.

Unfortunately, not only is it bad practice for these young men with a thirst for the limelight, but it’s not good for the fish either. The tanks have precise water treatments, filters, temperatures, and so on. Any changes to the levels could negatively affect the fish. Although unlikely, a wayward plunge could land on a 10-pound Largemouth and injure or possibly kill that fish.

There have been documented cases where these crazies have hit the surrounding rocks with their head and had extremely nasty cuts as a result. That usually means a trip to the hospital.

Doctor: How’d you do this?

Doofus: I jumped into a fish tank.

Doctor: It must have had some nasty-ass fish in there.

Doofus: No comment.

Watch “The Bass Pro Challenge” below:

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