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The Happy Camper – Interviews with YouTube Anglers

The people I’ve got to know in the paddling and angling community fully comprehend that when we spend time in wild places something profound goes on.

Now, more than ever, we need to hear their voices. So, I’ve spent some time interviewing a bunch of my paddling and angling colleagues and had them tell their reasoning behind spending so much time out in the woods and waterways. They were done under my regular KCHappyCamper YouTube channel’s “Whisky Fireside Chats.” Of course, I had to do the interviews online due to us all being in isolation because of the pandemic. It was a challenge to do the interviews this way. But every one of them jumped to the challenge in their own unique way.

Check out the two that highlight paddling and fishing.

Whisky Fireside Chat #65 – Jonathan Kelly & Erin Walker of Backcountry Angling Ontario

Jonathan has an addiction to the backcountry that is irreversible, intense, and insatiable.  It’s in his blood, bones, and soul, and there’s nowhere he’d rather be than in his canoe on a secluded lake with a fishing rod in hand.

Erin, Jonathan’s partner, grew up in the north (Thunder Bay) and was raised by adventurous parents who showed her rivers like the Missinaibi and Kopka at a young age.  After studying psychology in school, she spent several years in northern communities working in mental health and addictions. She is now working on her Master’s degree in counselling psychology.

Their channel—Backcountry Angling Ontario—is about a passion for Ontario’s backcountry and the amazing angling opportunities it provides.

Whisky Fireside Chat #68 – Noah Booth & Alex Traynor – Northern Scavenger

Alex and Noah have been friends since they were four years old and grew up going on adventures with their slingshots around the suburbs of Etobicoke, Ontario. Nearly 25 years later they’re still getting out and doing what they love most—outdoor adventures.

Alex is a marketing professional for Paddling Magazine and Noah is an environmental geologist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Northern Scavenger is a social platform and successful YouTube channel run by Alex and Noah that is used to share the stories from their backcountry adventures in Canada’s wilderness areas. With their content, they hope to provide practical information, promote sustainable use of our backcountry, and provide entertainment and inspiration by challenging themselves with adventures that take them outside of their comfort zone.

Or check them all out on my KCHappyCamper YouTube channel under “Whisky Fireside Chats.”

11 Replies to “The Happy Camper – Interviews with YouTube Anglers”

  1. Kevin! “Hidey-Ho” good neighbor!

    I was was wondering when you would be paying us another visit. Your infinite knowledge of the great outdoors and Youtube channels flashing across my computer monitor, with a dazzling displays of biological biometrics, have allowed the mastery of a true “Blogologist” to shine through. The Fish’n Canada alumni have added yet, another new member to their illustrious array of Doctorate Degrees.

    Documenting how Gods procreated world of living creatures not only benefits our physical health but our psychological health as well. As I have previously stated, spending time in the outdoors has undoubtedly increased my knowledge, not just by wetting a line, but allowing me to gain insight into how life on this planet co-exists. Observing and documenting the habits of nature, whether it be fish, birds or other wild animals, it gives me a great cross section of how they behave. Then through my own experiences, I am able to determine how wisely I have applied that knowledge.

    Looking outside the Concrete Bubble that we live in, allows us to get up close and personal with our natural abilities. This high paced world of modern technology has literally numbed our intellectual well being.

    As I stated in the Fish’n Canada blog “Kids Need The Outdoors” dated March 15, 2019, “So as I see it Angelo, you are 100% correct, something is broken. Maybe it is a millennial thing, maybe it was our group—the much-maligned baby boomers—that started it. But regardless of who’s at fault, it’s going to take all of us to figure this thing out and get it fixed. We adults seem to be out of touch not only with these computerized youngsters but ourselves as well”.

    Thanks for the update, Kevin. It is always a pleasure to hear your insight.

    1. Thanks so much for your note. Both paddlers/paddlers/you tubers are awesome. Enjoy their content. And yes, we ALL need to get in touch with what’s out their in the woods and water. It’s where we are all from.

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