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Although many of the top “record” fish in the world were caught years ago, they all had a certain method to their madness when it comes to technique. 

Today’s anglers have so much more to work with, ESPECIALLY with the amazing electronics that are mounted to so many fishing boats. We can confidently say that if you were to take on a species or a trip with catching a record fish in mind, you’d better not only have your boat well equipped with top-notch electronics, but you better know how to use them.

So many times, Ang and Pete have headed out with not much to work with (lake knowledge) and found huge fish with the aid of their Garmin units. If you ask our boys if they’d venture out record seeking without their Garmin’s, they’d quickly rebuttal with something like “are you INSANE????

Here you go:

#10 – Shortfin Mako Shark

shark, mako (shortfin).jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,221 lb, caught by Luke Sweeney near Chatham, Massachusetts on July 21, 2001

Pete and Ang have always been intrigued with Mako Sharks. They fight like no other, including spectacular jumps. When they pull the scales at over 1200 pounds, however… well that might play better for younger & stronger anglers. Regardless this fish certainly is impressive (apparently the fight lasted for 3 hours)

#9 – Great Hammerhead Shark

shark, great hammerhead.jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,280 lb, caught by Bucky Dennis in Boca Grande on May 23, 2006

The Great Hammerhead Shark is not to be mistaken with the Hammerhead. They are two different fish. The word “great” refers to the size of these fish. They’re massive! We have often heard of Fish’n Canada friends and fans telling us how they accidentally tied into one of these beasts while fishing Tarpon in Boca Grande, Florida. Right, where this beast came from. 

#8 – Sixgill Shark

shark, sixgilled.jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,298 lb, caught by Clemens Rump at Ascension Island, British Overseas Territories on November 21, 2002

Here’s another shark species that you certainly do not hear about every day. Obviously they grow to gargantuan proportions though. If you drew a line from Brazil through to Tanzania and stopped in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, that’s where Rump caught his record fish. 

#7 – Pacific Blue Marlin

marlin, blue (pac).jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,376 lb, caught by Jay de Beaubien in Kaaiwi Point, Kona, Hawaii on May 31, 1982

Could you imagine taking a trip to Hawaii and on a day’s charter fishing, smacking into a Blue Marlin such as this one?

Trolling a kita lure, the angler managed to catch this Pacific Blue Marlin in under an hour! Jay’s record nearly fell in 2015, when an angler caught a 1,376 lb Blue Marlin off the very same Hawaiian coast. 

#6 – Atlantic Blue Marlin

marlin, blue.jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,402 lb 2 oz, caught by Paulo Amorim in Vitoria, Brazil on February 29, 1992

As with most Marlin as well as bill fishing in general, this beast of a fish was caught by trolling off of the Brazilian coast.

#5 – Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

tuna, bluefin.jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,496 lb, caught by Ken Fraser in Aulds Cove, Nova Scotia, on October 26, 1979

Ang and Pete have tested and tasted the Bluefin fishing on Canada’s east coast and they too caught the largest fish they’ve ever seen! Although theirs hit the scale at over 900lbs, that 1496 is something to behold!

#4 – Black Marlin

marlin, black.jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,560 lb, caught by Alfred C. Glassell in Cabo Blanco, Peru on August 4, 1953

Glassel was an oil and gas entrepreneur, an oceanic explorer, an avid art collector, a patron, as well as a sport fisherman.

Imagine having a world fishing record that is still standing, since 1953? WOW! 

You can actually see this record fish in the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

#3 – Greenland Shark

shark, greenland.jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,708 lb 9 oz, caught by Terje Nordvedt in Trondheimsfjord, Norway on October 17, 1987

Have you ever heard of a Greenland Shark? They’re certainly not the most popular of the shark world. Terje caught this monster on a rigged herring. Apparently, these fish can live upwards of 400 years and they occasionally swim the St. Lawrence!

#2 – Tiger Shark

shark, tiger.jpg
Image source: IGFA

1,785 lb 11 oz, caught by Kevin Clapson in Ulladulla, Australia on March 28, 2004

It seems that due to a variance ruling, Clapson’s Tiger weighed 11 ounces heavier than the previous world record; however, the ruling placed the giant fish into a tie for the record. We’d like to say better luck next time but Kevin’s fish is a once-in-a-lifetime!

#1 – Great White Shark

2,664-Pound White Shark biggest world-record fish caught fishing
Image source: IGFA

2,664 lb, Caught by Alfred Dean in Ceduna, in Australia on April 21, 1959

This is an official IGFA World Record White Shark. It is also the biggest fish ever caught on a rod and reel.

Image source: IGFA

Way back in ‘59, Great White Shark fishing was alive and well. Now they are a protected species pretty much around the world… good luck breaking this behemoth’s number!

There you have the top 10 game fish catches worldwide. Have you ever caught a massive fish that you might have thought would break the scales? We’d love to hear about it.

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