Did You Know? – Chapleau Crown Game Preserve

Did you know that the province of Ontario lays claim to having the world’s largest game preserve? The Chapleau Crown Game Preserve is situated in the Algoma and northeastern regions of Ontario.

This 7,000 square kilometre area of beautiful forest was established as a game preserve back on May 27, 1925, due to over-harvesting of fur-bearing animals. Trappers and hunters were killing off these animals at an alarming rate. It was a state of emergency which ultimately turned out to be a huge success story as animal populations now flourish in the Preserve.

Today, hunting and trapping are still prohibited in the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, but fishing is allowed.

With fantastic big water lakes like Missinaibi (Miss-in-abby) and Wabatongushi (Wa-ba-ton-gu-shee) as well as the Oba, Albany and Michipicoten (Mish-i-pi-coat-in) Rivers, this piece of fishing heaven has it all!

Imagine a day of fishing tranquility wherein your only interruption is a moose, bear or a beautiful bald eagle soaring the skies above you.

It gets no better than a fishing trip to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve—just one more reason to Go Fish In Ontario.

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