Did You Know? – Long Sault Rapids

Did you know the Long Sault Rapids were once the only barrier preventing ships from traveling the St. Lawrence River from the Atlantic to Lake Ontario? Dropping 30 feet over the span of three miles, the rapids beat all but the best of navigators; They were deadly and impenetrable.

But while the boats couldn’t go through the rapids, they could go around them. In 1783, the first series of canals were created to bypass the Long Sault. In 1958, the area’s first hydroelectric dams were built, slowing the water to form a man-made lake.

Today, Long Sault is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Much of the shoreline contains a diversity of parkland which serves thousands of visitors each year. With this kind of backdrop, it’s no wonder that tourism is a major part of the local economy.

Just another reason to Go Fish in Ontario.



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