Did You Know? – Murky Walleye

Did you know that the iconic Ontario Walleye is a very adaptable creature?

Most people think Walleye only reside in the clear, cold, pristine waters of Northern Ontario. And yes, a large portion do! However, a huge population of Ontario’s arguably most popular fish live in some “not-so-perfect” murky conditions.

Lake Temiskaming is a great example. On paper, this 100-kilometre long lake with depths exceeding 700 feet sounds like typical Walleye habitat. But it isn’t. This lake, at its north end, for example, has maybe one foot of visibility in places.

However, the massive population of Walleye on Temiskaming have no problems honing in on their prey—and they do it accurately. With alternate senses like hearing and especially “feeling” with their lateral line, these murky-water predators put the feedbag on just like any clear-water Walleye.

This lack of sight-feeding also happens in many bodies of weed-choked water in Southern Ontario.

With their incredible numbers throughout the province, Walleye are adaptable indeed.

Just one more reason to Go Fish in Ontario.

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