Did You Know? – Ontario Rivers

Did You Know that Ontario has over 100,000 kilometres of fish-filled rivers ranging from the far north all the way south to the United States border?

Have you ever wondered which of Ontario’s rivers were the longest? Here are the Top 4:

The Ottawa River, at 1,271 kilometres, is the longest river in Ontario. It’s the primary tributary to the St. Lawrence.

The St. Lawrence River is the second longest river to rip its way through the province. This 1,197 kilometre river connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Albany River comes in third at 982 kilometres and is the longest river located entirely in Ontario.

And finally, the fourth longest river is surprisingly the Grand River, meandering 278 kilometres through the southern portion of the province.

With the aggregate of these four rivers being over 3,700 kilometres, and some 97,000 kilometres for the rest, it’s not hard to realize that these rivers are a great reason to Go Fish In Ontario!

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