Fish Talk – Reload for Spring Walleye

Hiya folks,

I’m fishing for post-spawn, early-season Walleyes just after the season has opened right now. And this is the time you want to reload for Walleyes. And what “reloading for Walleyes” means is: During the spawn, all the fish don’t ever do the same thing all at once. The spawn is protracted; it’s usually carried out over a series of days or even weeks.

So if you’ve got a favourite location that you’re out on, maybe in the morning, and you’ve caught two or three Walleyes and then the action has died down? Don’t give up on that spot. It will reload. Maybe later this afternoon. Maybe tonight. Or maybe tomorrow. But good spots in the spring—good Walleye spots in the spring—they reload time and time again.

So when you fish for Walleyes right after opening day, for the next week or two, remember: Reload for Walleyes.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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