Fish Talk – Arrow Straight and Slow

Hiya folks,

When it comes to fishing for muskie—especially with topwater lures—most anglers think of three speeds: fast, faster, and faster still. That’s a mistake.

When you’re throwing topwaters for muskies, you don’t want erratic fast retrieves. You want your bait to actually go arrow straight. You want to make it easier for the fish to be able to lock onto that bait and track it down.

Remember you’re fishing for 50-, 52-, maybe 54-inch fish with huge girths. That’s a lot of muscle to try and move erratically and make them catch up to your surface bait. You want baits that come straight—arrow straight—through the water. That way you’re making it easy for that fish to come right up and suck it in.

So forget the erratic retrieves when you’re throwing topwaters. Arrow straight and slow is the way to go.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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