Fish Talk – Jerkbait Secrets

Hiya folks,

Gord Pyzer here, for Outdoor Canada Magazine.

I want to talk today about painfully protractive pauses.

You know Jerkbaits are one of the best lures you can throw all season long, but they absolutely excel in the coldest parts of the season, early spring and late fall.

The key with Jerkbaits, as the water gets cold, you want to pause as long as you possibly can. When it’s below 50 degrees, I’ll wait sometimes 6…7…10…15 seconds. I’m always experimenting with that pause. You want to rip it, and then let it pause. And when you think you want to rip it again, pause even longer.

The colder the water with Jerkbaits, the longer you want to pause. The warmer the water with the Jerkbait, the more you can rip it. But, these things excel when the water gets cold.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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