Fish Talk – Line Counter

Hiya folks,

We’ve just gone through about a three-week period when we’ve got more Walleye between 10 and 15 pounds than any other previous five- to ten-year period. And we’ve probably caught 60 – 70 percent of those fish by trolling, and here’s the secret:

Get yourself a level wind reel (a trolling reel) with a line counter built right in.  It has to have the line counter. Every reel manufacturer makes one of these; I do not care which specific brand you buy, just pick one up! Get a reel with a line counter build in, put on a crankbait or a spoon and then start experimenting with different amounts of line behind the boat. Once you get a fish or two, remember the depth that you had back and then every time you land a fish and put your line back out, return to that same depth because you’ve dialled yourself right in.

When you do that, you will absolutely amaze yourself how many fish you’re going to catch and how big they are.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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