Fish Talk – Stickbaits in the Wind

Hiya folks,

One of the most popular baits—probably the most popular bait—to come along in the past decade or so is the Senko-style stickbait. These things catch everything. The one problem fishing these baits, because we normally fish them weightless, is throwing them when it’s windy outside.

Here are a couple tips to make that a whole lot easier:

  • When you’re fishing these Senko-style baits into the wind, always rig them Texas- or Tex-pose (combination of Texas-rigged and exposed-hook) style. Don’t rig them wacky.
  • Cast upwind or cast downwind. Don’t cast sideways. When you cast sideways, the wind tends to catch your line, billow it, and it pulls the bait out of control.
  • Stick your rod tip into the water. I like to put it at least a foot into the water and, again, my line now can’t get caught by the breeze and billow.
  • Last but not least, fluorocarbon is the densest line; it sinks just a little bit faster than all the rest and it gives you perfect control in the wind of your Senko-style bait.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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