Did You Know? – Algoma Brook Trout

Did you know that the Algoma region has one of the best Brook Trout fisheries in the world?

It’s all about water quality, genetics, and location.

The natural spawning Brook Trout in Algoma have an ideal habitat to live and reproduce in. They thrive in the spring-fed and extremely fertile waters.

When it comes to Algoma’s giant Brookies, fish stocking is the key. Transplanting the Nipigon strain of Brook Trout into select Algoma lakes provides the absolute best DNA in the world for monster specks, hands down!

To help sustain a healthy population of trophy fish, these lakes are often hard to get to, meaning, less fishing pressure. Let’s face it, a roadside lake stocked with giant Brook Trout would be fished out in no-time, regardless of the geographic location.

With a combination of a tremendous food base, perfect water quality, supreme genetics, and reduced fishing pressure, the Brook Trout lakes of Algoma are the perfect storm for monster brookies.

Just another reason to Go fish in Ontario!

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