Did You Know? – Bay of Quinte Walleye

Did you know that Ontario’s Bay Of Quinte is often considered by many as a Walleye factory? Churning out double-digit fish after fish, year in and year out.

So why are there so many massive Walleye in the Bay of Quinte? Well, genetics has a lot to do with it, as well as the abundance of high protein food.

A large portion of these “giant Walleye” live their summer lives in Lake Ontario, a water rich with immense schools of shad, golden shiners, alewife, and more. Like Salmon or Trout, they follow their food base, constantly eating.

Starting in early fall and through the ice fishing season, large numbers of walleye travel from Lake Ontario into the Bay of Quinte to prepare for the spring spawn. Savvy anglers know this migrating pattern and take advantage, by being on the water at the right time.

Whether you’re trolling crankbaits in the frigid open waters of autumn, vertical jigging through the winter ice, or drifting a slightly weighted worm harness for post-spawn females in the spring, a giant is well within your reach.

The Bay of Quinte, a true Walleye haven. Just another reason to Go fish in Ontario!

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