Did You Know? – Montreal River System

Did you know that the Montreal River system is actually in Ontario? Well, the name may fool you, but the outstanding fishing and scenery are as real as it gets!

From its source at Smoothwater Lake, which incidentally is the highest point in Ontario, it flows to its river-mouth at Lake Timiskaming on the Ottawa River. It travels a total of 220 kilometers.

Hydroelectricity is the main resource throughout the river.

The Indian Chute generating station, Hound Chute generating station, Ragged Chute generating station, and Lower Notch generating station are all integral parts of producing power in the area.

These dams not only produce electricity, but they also produce flooded “reservoir” areas that very much benefit fish habitat. Broader spawning grounds and a healthier food-base are just two of the many pluses to game-fish.

Production of electricity and a fantastic fishery! Just another reason to Go Fish In Ontario!

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