Did You Know? – Early Spring Pike

Did you know that early spring can offer up some of the best Pike fishing in Ontario?

Renowned writer, hunter, angler and outdoorsman Ernest Hemingway once told his son, “You make your own luck.” On Fish’n Canada, we use this philosophy a lot. And it’s definitely true in early spring when the ice is just melted on Ontario lakes.

Looking for some luck catching monster Northern Pike? You can easily make your own by heading to the shallows of these frigid waters, particularly where streams and rivers enter the lake, creating nutrient-rich habitat. It’s the perfect spot for both feeding and spawning. As an added bonus, the moving water from these inflows also attracts Walleye, Perch and a host of other sport fish!

A good fisherman knows that the fish won’t come to you. But with a better understanding of Ontario’s spring fishing conditions, you’ll know exactly where to go to them. It’s all a matter of getting luck on your side.

Just another reason to Go Fish in Ontario today.


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