Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1) – Episode 490

The Fish’n Canada Television Show has taken a turn in the last decade or so in that we are now looking at Carp as a viable target fish species as well as a great television subject.

“Back in the day,” says Angelo, “we were like most other Canadian anglers… we didn’t even consider Carp fishing. But that’s all changed.”

Let’s face it, how often do you have the chance at catching a 10-40 lb+ fish?

For this Fish’n Canada episode, Ang and Pete took Carp fishing yet one step further.

In 2017 there was a Carp fishing event called the Canadian Carp Cup. It went very well (as viewers of last season’s Fish’n Canada episode about the event may recall), but unfortunately, the title sponsorship was dropped. With this sponsorship spot available, Fish’n Canada quickly threw our hat into the ring. It was an instant connection.


The host location for the event was Long Sault on the St Lawrence River. The Long Sault Parkway is the perfect place for such an event because it’s essentially a roadway that splits apart a small area of the St. Lawrence, accessing some of the best Carp fishing “swims” in the entire province.

Each team sets up in designated “pegs” (the area they fish from on land for the entire event) along the parkway and attempts to catch fish for the following three-and-a-half days.

Thanks to companies like Coleman Canada, the competitors have shelter, cooking devices, flashlights, etc., to aid these hardcore anglers in their quest to be the best.

To make the long and extremely intense story of this event simpler, we filmed the entire Fish’n Canada Carp Cup. During this time, we got to see the best-of-the-best going head-to-head in one of the most unique fishing tournaments we’ve ever encountered.


Even at this early stage of the tournament, most teams reported at least one fish. The weighmasters visited each peg to weigh and record each new catch. The battle for the top spots came down to a matter of mere ounces.

When the sun began to fall on our tournament’s first day, the competition really heated up. Our resident weighmaster Len Perdic and his newly appointed bag-boy (Angelo’s grandson Niki V.), had their arms put to the test as they hoisted fish after enormous fish onto the scales. And by day’s end, Maxime Theriault and Sidi Rachid Lalami of Peg 4 became the team to beat. To challenge these budding champions, it would take a massive catch—something truly special.

Just because the sun set, doesn’t mean it was time to rest—not for these tireless competitors. Darkness descended on the sixteen teams, but they were far from sleep. It was time for them to prepare for the inevitable night-bite. Then, another sixty-two more hours of non-stop fishing mayhem.

Check out Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 2) to find out which team won the tournament championship!





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