This episode is a continuation of our previous episode in which Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman brought on two new prospects for a future position on The Fish’n Canada Show….
In this two-part episode, Angelo Viola connects with Captain John Blanchard for Muskoka Lake Walleye and then with Paul Castellano for Niagara River Brown Trout. Little do the guys know they’re being tested for a possible position on the Fish’n Canada Show….
Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman try for a “not so popular” fish species at a warm water discharge area in Ontario. Despite the species’ reputation, the Fish’n Canada hosts are once again reminded just how fun Carp fishing can be….
Angelo Voila and Pete Bowman head to the town of Slave Lake in Alberta. Their goal is to see if the Walleye fishery has been affected by the wildfire that devastated the area only a few weeks earlier. It was one of Canada’s worst natural disasters ever….
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