Top 5 Trophy Northern Pike Waters in Ontario

In this Fish’n Canada Top 5, we are giving you our opinions as to 5 fantastic Northern Pike waters in the province of Ontario. We understand there are MANY more, however, are our choices for this piece based on accessibility (remote or easy to get to), diversity in water body types, and size of the […]

Hotspot – Lac Seul Northern Pike

Lac Seul Northern Pike – N 50° 31.513’ W 92° 01.853’ Today’s Hotspot is a weed-bed in a back-bay that Steve and I discovered while on our trip to Lac Seul. The Waypoint on your screen will get you right there. This is one of the largest cabbage beds we found during our trip and it most definitely held […]

Rocky Mountain Northern Pike – Episode 505

Northern Pike in British Columbia? No Freakin’ Way! BC is the Salmon capital of the world with various Trout species directly in line… right? To try and prove our point, you’ve probably seen Angelo and Nik in a previous BC episode wailing on numerous giant Lakers. Then it was Angelo and Pete’s turn. Again, they pounded […]

Hotspot – Fishing Lake Northern Pike

Fishing Lake Northern Pike – N 59° 28.989’ W 126° 41.566’ Today’s Hotspot is where Pete and Steve found the largest concentration of Northern Pike on Fishing Lake, British Columbia. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. This is a big long underwater point on the first major drop-off, leading out from […]

Fish Talk – Clear Water Northern Pike

Hiya folks, Gord Pyzer here from Outdoor Canada Magazine. The clearer the water, the bigger the Pike. You know, it’s amazing, I’m going to pull into this bay right behind me, one of my favourite Northern Pike spots. And, I am on a clear water lake and I’m fishing the clear side of that clear […]

My Northern Ontario Experiences

By: Tim Sturgeon I have seen moose, eagles, beavers and been serenaded by loons. The drive-to lodge experience is something that stays with you the rest of your life. I have stories I come back with from each trip that I long to share, like the time a rutting bull moose was called to the […]

Northern BC Fishing

Northern BC Fishing is the best . Lots of rivers and lakes . Lots of Pike, trout , Grayling , whitefish , dolly Varden and of course my favourite walleye . You should try it. 


love to fish for pike in northern Ontario ,have entered numerous pike derby’s best finish was a third place in Muskoka

Small pike and walleyes

I think I started fishing with my dad when I was about 6 or 7.  He always had a small boat, maybe a 14 footer with a 20 or 25 horse stern drive. He was a grain buyer, so we moved around southern and central Manitoba as I was growing up.  Fished some big lakes, […]

I do like the fight of a Pike.

I lived in Northern Ont for many yrs and fished most of the lakes I have seen on the show. I love pike fishing. I am now retired and spend my summers fishing on Berford Lake outside Wiarton, Ont where my trailer is. My wife, who loves fishing, and I spend every day on the […]