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  • Fish Talk - Topwater Stick Baits

    Fish Talk - Topwater Stick Baits

    Hiya folks, I’m gonna share a secret I earned on the Bassmaster Elite circuit, covering a couple of tournaments for Outdoor Canada magazine. And it’s about […]

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  • What Line is Best For Your Popper

    What Line is Best For Your Popper

    I’ll admit, I’m technically classed as an Old-Schooler. And trust me, there’s no embarrassment factor involved. That said, I am always looking for “new and […]

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  • Lake Nipissing, Ontario (Multi-Species)

    Lake Nipissing, Ontario (Multi-Species)

    Location: Lake Nipissing, Ontario GPS: N46º 13.645′ W79º 55.728′ Species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskellunge This Hotspot was located during our 2016 Fish’n […]

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  • Top 5 Canadian Bass Lakes

    Top 5 Canadian Bass Lakes

    To run parallel to Angelo’s recent and very technical bass piece, I thought I’d tackle the question of where to find bass by providing a […]

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  • Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario

    Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario

    Location: Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 52.242′ W077º 0.585′ Species: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a small Bass bay on the north side […]

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  • Largemouth Bass Tips for Fall

    Largemouth Bass Tips for Fall

    During the summer months, Largemouth Bass fishing in Canada gives us all chances of “mega-days”, in where the fish at any given moment, can turn […]

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  • Marten River, Ontario

    Marten River, Ontario

    Location: Marten River, Ontario GPS: N46º 42.197′ W079º 46.155′ Species: Smallmouth Bass This Fish’n Canada Hotspot is a shallow flat area on the Marten River […]

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  • Ottawa River, Ontario

    Ottawa River, Ontario

    Location: Ottawa River, Ontario GPS: N45º 34.613′ W075º 06.110′ Species: Muskie This Hotspot is an area in front of the South Nation River on the […]

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  • French River, Ontario (Largemouth and Smallmouth)

    French River, Ontario (Largemouth and Smallmouth)

    Here’s a great little Topwater Hotspot that is tucked into the far back-water Bass reaches of the French River. Along with topwater baits, Senkos, spinnerbaits, shallow running Crankbaits and floating Minnowbaits will all catch both Largemouth and Smallmouth. Once you finish hitting this area, start to work similar spots throughout the channel.

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  • Cabbage Weed

    Cabbage Weed

    To a lot of people fishing in weeds is a true pain. They would rather poke their eyes out than deal with this nasty stuff. […]

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  • Hotspot - Ontario Road Trip

    Hotspot - Ontario Road Trip

    Lake Nipissing – N 46° 13.645′ W 79° 55.728′ Today’s Hotspot was actually located during our 2016 Bootcamp. The waypoint on your screen will get […]

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  • Hotspot - Scarback

    Hotspot - Scarback

    GARNHAM LAKE – N48° 59.564’ W85° 31.268’ Today’s Hotspot is a shallow bay on Garnham Lake that warms up quickly in the spring. It’s a […]

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  • Hotspot - Clear Lake Bass

    Hotspot - Clear Lake Bass

    Clear Lake – N 44° 32.630′ W 78° 9.822′ Today’s Hotspot is a rock weed transition that Bass of both species will use throughout the […]

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  • Hotspot - Ottawa Esox

    Hotspot - Ottawa Esox

    South Nation River – N 45° 34.613′ W 75° 6.110 Today’s Hotspot is an area out in front of the South Nation River on the […]

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  • Fish Talk - Let Them Bite

    Fish Talk - Let Them Bite

    Hiya folks, I just pulled up on shore here because something unique happened. Well, actually not that unique. I’m sure it’s happened to all of […]

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  • Hotspot - Mighty Mo Invades BC

    Hotspot - Mighty Mo Invades BC

    Shawnigan Lake – N48° 35.917’ W 123° 57.424’ Today’s Hotspot is a flat covered with boulders off of an island on Shawnigan Lake. The waypoint […]

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  • Hotspot - Next Big Thing

    Hotspot - Next Big Thing

    Mountain Lake – N44° 42.625’ W 080° 41.779’ Today’s Hotspot is a section of Mountain Lake where Ang and Pete shot this entire episode. The […]

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  • Hotspot - Army Base Bass

    Hotspot - Army Base Bass

    Mountain Lake – N44° 42.498′   W80° 41.526′ The Hotspot for today’s hilarious outing is a little section of Mountain Lake that seemed to hold a […]

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  • Cross Lake, Temagami, ON

    Cross Lake, Temagami, ON

    This month’s Hotspot is a protected bay on Cross Lake which can be accessed via Lake Temagami. Although Smallmouth prevail here, an incidental Laker or Pike is a welcome bonus.

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  • Garnham Lake, ON

    Garnham Lake, ON

    This month’s Hotspot is a shallow bay on Garnham Lake that warms up quickly in the spring... a perfect place for Northern Pike to rest after the spawn.

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  • Hastie Lake, Ontario

    Hastie Lake, Ontario

    This month’s Hotspot is an area of Hastie Lake in the Algoma region of Ontario that always seems to have some beauty fish on it. Under normal conditions we would highly recommend a popping topwater like a Pop R, but if that doesn’t work then pull out the Yamamoto Senko. Rig it whacky style on either a jig-head or a dropshot rig… and for the ultimate advantage, try marinating your soft plastics with a natural bait scent.

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  • Mountain Lake, Meaford, Ontario

    Mountain Lake, Meaford, Ontario

    Our Hotspot for this month is a little section on Mountain Lake on the Meaford Military base that seemed to hold a better number of fish overall. Dropshot, finesse baits and Topwaters definitely work wonders here. Remember though, this is a private facility that opens its doors to a small number of the public through the local Rod and Gun club.

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  • French River, Ontario (Largemouth Bass)

    French River, Ontario (Largemouth Bass)

    This month’s hotspot is tucked away at the back of a long shallow finger at the top of the French River called Wigwam Bay. We’d highly recommend using the services of a Chaudière Lodge guide, this bay is really off the beaten path. Not much is known about this area as it does not conform to the normal Walleye-holding structure and cover of the French… the biggest reason is that this is one of the few pieces of water in the entire system that screams Large Mouth Bass… you’ll know what we mean when you get there.

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  • Waterfall Lodge, Algoma, Ontario

    Waterfall Lodge, Algoma, Ontario

    This month's Hotspot is a perfect hang-out for a big Smallie. It’s a giant log stuck in very deep water. Try using a Topwater bait first and if that doesn't work then use a tube jig, Senko or a dropshot Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm near the base of the log.

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  • Stewiacke River, Nova Scotia

    Stewiacke River, Nova Scotia

    This month’s Striped Bass Hotspot is a portion of the Stewiacke River, deep in the heart of Nova Scotia that really produces fish early in the season. Stripers move into and through this area in the spring during their spawning ritual. There are literally thousands of fish stacked up and days of catching 20+ fish per person are very common. Try using either live or artificial Blood Worms, depending on the season, or casting crankbaits or topwaters. One thing to keep in mind; when the Bay of Fundy Tides come rolling in, extreme caution should be taken. The fast current and slippery mud banks can be treacherous!

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  • Chaudiere and Holidays

    Chaudiere and Holidays

    The Fish’n Canada crew finally got to experience the hospitality and fishing at Chaudiere Lodge on the famed French River and man did it come through!!! Last […]

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  • Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia

    Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia

    This is a BC Smallmouth Bass hotspot that we recently visited for a Fish’n Canada episode. Look for the standing logs and throw tandem Spinnerbaits, Topwaters and Crankbaits in the mornings; then throw 4-5 inch finesse worms and tube jigs in the mid-day.

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  • All things Fall

    All things Fall

    Fall is a great time for fishing. The weather is more tolerable, the fish seem to be rejuvenated and since we as anglers know that […]

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  • Fishin with the Kids

    Fishin with the Kids

    I headed up to the cottage a couple of weeks ago for a bit of a break from the “Shawa”. Did some Bass fishing. I […]

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  • Holidays etc

    Holidays etc

    I hope you’re all having a great summer so far (aside from the touch of RAIN every so often). I actually haven’t done a bunch […]

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  • Pigeon Lake, Ontario

    Pigeon Lake, Ontario

    June’s HotSpot is a Muskie magnet, located at the mouth of Nogies Creek on Pigeon Lake. This is the edge of a weedline where the flat drops into deeper water. Troll the edge in 8-13 feet with Big Jointed minnow baits or In-line Bucktail Spinners, also a 3\4 0Z jig head with a Yamamoto swim bait works well. Hold On tight as these fish are strong from holding in the creeks high current flow in the spring. If fishing is slow, try casting top water baits over the shallow weedflat in the early evening.

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  • Osoyoos Lake, British Columbia

    Osoyoos Lake, British Columbia

    August’s Hotspot takes us to Osoyoos Lake in British Columbia. This is a point at the North west end of the lake that can be awesome for Smallies early and late in the season. Work both sides where it drops from 8 to 20 feet. Use topwaters in the morning and drag lizards or tubes on bottom at mid day.

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  • Rainy Lake, Fort Frances, Ontario

    Rainy Lake, Fort Frances, Ontario

    May's HotSpot takes us to Rainy Lake, Ontario. Crowe Island is surrounded by shallow rock and sand flats that taper into deep water. Try casting top water or spinnerbaits over the shallows. For deeper fish, move off the breaks near the points and vertically jig tubes or spoons.

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  • Bald Shoal, Lake Simcoe, Ontario

    Bald Shoal, Lake Simcoe, Ontario

    March's hotspot is a long shallow shoal that runs between Duclos point and Georgina Island. Work the edges in 8 to 14 feet with crankbaits or tube jigs, also try throwing topwater baits or spinners over the shallow rocks on top of the shoal. Big Smallmouth frequent this reef so hold on tight. Remember if you catch a trophy size fish, take a picture and let the fish go free to fight another day! A replica mount of the fish will last a lifetime.

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