AC/DC Fly Fishing Reel

Hey, are you a rocker? Are you a roller? Are you a right-out-of-controller?

Are you a wheeler? A dealer? A wicked woman-stealer?

Well, if you are any of the above, if you’re an AC/DC fan, if you’re a fly fisher, and if you have a hefty bank-roll, then have I found the fishing reel for you!

It’s a bruiser, a cruiser, it’s a rockin’, rollin’, fishin’ machine—and it looks great, too.

Abel Reels—a company known for its quality fly reels, as well as fly fishing tools and accessories—are producing a limited edition AC/DC fly fishing reel. How awesome is that? The finish is one-of-a-kind, and the mechanics are top-of-the-line. With only 300 being produced, a rather hefty price tag of $1,355.00 US (freshwater version) and $1,495.00 US (saltwater version) is being charged. If I know rockers, these will all go to good homes.

Custom finishes on Abel Reels and other products aren’t new; they offer many different patterns and are always trying to stay a step ahead of the market.

And hey, if Rock ‘n’ Roll is a bit too much for you, how about a Johnny Cash reel? They’re making 250 of them, too (same prices)! Hell, about half the world thinks Johnny has a cooler aura than Angus. Tough battle for sure. Rock on, all you boys named Sue!

Pete Bowman

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  1. I’m a Rocker! I’m a Roller! I’m a mid-night Troller!

    Growin’ up in the era of “The Super Oldies of the 1960’s” including the likes of Bennie King, Elvis Presley, The Fifth Dimension, Roy Orbison, Paul Anka, and of course The Beatles, among many others, I begin to wonder about the scope of new fishing gear this may lead to in the future. I would love to get my hands on one of those Manfred Mann “Doo-Wa-Diddies”

    There are fishing men and women out there of all ages. Don’t be a “Mr. Lonely”. “It’s Now or Never”. Can you imagine, for about the price of a couple o’ concert tickets in today’s market, you could set yourself up to be the talk of the neighborhood in the “Age of Aquarius”. Yes sir, “I’m a Believer”.

    “In the Summer Time” is the best time for a “Creedence Clearwater Revival”!

    ROCK ON !!

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