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B1 Fishing is officially investigating alternative solutions for fish care at tournaments moving forward. For the past 11 years, the B1 organization has processed and released thousands of healthy bass back into the bodies of water visited. The B1 has constantly improved and enhanced both the equipment and processes necessary in managing live bass to ensure the utmost protection of the resource at all event locations. Nonetheless, even the best and most tested systems have their challenges, especially when dealing with fish kept in captivity for extended periods of time and often through harsh conditions.

“In lieu of the recent fish loss on the St-Lawrence River, we as an organization could simply not turn a blind eye and not make an effort to effect change. With technology where it is today, there is no reason to not take a serious look at the latest platforms available and evaluate how we can incorporate them into our events as soon as possible.” states Ben Woo, President, B1 Fishing. “With over 900x anglers who fish with us in 4 different provinces, it is our responsibility to take the necessary steps towards establishing a more sustainable system for years to come.”

To start the process, the B1 will be hosting a special Exhibition Event for the purpose of testing this new methodology. Set for Monday, September 2nd on Labour Day long weekend in Kingston, ON, this Exhibition Event will rely on angler participation and feedback. This is an open call to action to all bass anglers who truly care about the future of our sport. A unique opportunity to be a part of the solution that will ultimately impact the way we treat the resource for years to come. Only 20x spots will be available for teams of 2 anglers. Please contact us directly if you should be interested in participating.

We look forward to collaborating with the angling community in paving the way towards a more responsible, sustainable future together for competitive fishing here in Canada.

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Fish'n Canada

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