Garmin LakeVü G3 and LakeVü G3 Ultra: The Skies Have Opened

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Garmin has finally done what all its users have dreamed about for quite some time now and that is incorporate Navionics lake-mapping into their existing Garmin LakeVü mapping, bringing anglers the best of both worlds.

To me, this just pushes Garmin into yet another level of electronic dominance for people who fish.

Check it out here.

Some of the main features of the Garmin LakeVü G3 and Garmin LakeVü G3 Ultra are:

  • Industry-leading coverage, clarity, and detail with updated inland maps that feature integrated Garmin and Navionics® content
  • Coverage for more than 13,500 total lakes, of which more than 4,800 have up to 1’ contours
  • Auto Guidance¹ technology quickly calculates a suggested route by using your desired depth and overhead clearance
  • High-resolution Relief Shading makes it easier to see contours and find fish holding structure
  • Depth Range Shading for up to 10 depth ranges enables you to view your target depth at a glance

At 280 bucks for Canadian waters, you may think it’s expensive but remember, this is the best underwater detail available so far.

If you don’t need all of the features of the Ultra, then for 201 bucks you can get Garmin LakeVü Canada (minus the Ultra) and from what I can tell, the only difference is the following:

Garmin LakeVü G3 Feature Comparison

Feature G3 Ultra G3
Navionics® data
Total lakes covered 13,500+ 13,500+
Lakes with up to 1′ contours 4,800+ 4,800+
Garmin Elite surveyed lakes
Fish attractors
Auto Guidance¹ technology
High-resolution relief shading
Depth range shading
Shallow water shading
Unique 3-D views
Dynamic lake level
High-resolution satellite imagery
Surface and side scan sonar photos


If you can live without Unique 3D views and Dynamic Lake Levels, then why not save close to 80 bucks?

Then, of course, if you don’t want to pay for all those maps that you may never use, you can always simply Quickdraw only the areas that you need to fish at no extra cost. Garmin has the solution no matter what your budget is.

We’ve come a long way since the old paper maps with numbers pasted all over the water showing us approximate depths.

Personally, I love it!

Pete Bowman

Pete Bowman

Pete, one of the most revered and popular anglers in the nation, has a tremendous love for the game… the fishing game. Pete’s vast knowledge of angling and ability to articulate it to audiences worldwide has endeared him to his fans who still see Pete as just “ONE OF THE BOYS”. Pete is also an accomplished and published outdoor writer and photographer as well as a sought-after speaker. In 2012 another of Pete’s ultimate fishing career highlights occurred when he was inducted into the Canadian Angler Hall Of Fame, something he never thought would happen. A Canadian fishing icon.

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