Haliburton Largies

by Pete Bowman

Here are a few shots of a past trip I took to the Halliburton’s in Ontario. I love fishing this area with its great northern feel yet it’s just a couple of hours from the GTA.

Funny enough each image’s fish hit on different baits on different days in the same general area. The nice pair I’m holding (wearing the Princecraft hat and funky shorts) was a 4 and a 5-2 which were caught on a Jig & Pig. The fish (I’m wearing the Cooper Tires hat and camo shorts) was a 4-2 which hit a Yamamoto Senko and the last fish (Go Fish Ontario hat) smacked a Sweet Beaver. I guess it pays to be versatile!

For the most part, I now use fluorocarbon line on a high percentage of my outfits. I like braid however I really like fluro! All of these fish came on 15, 17 & 20 pound line.

As well I caught loads of small fish on a Pop R but the big gals wouldn’t commit to the Top Water… damn!

Gotta’ love the Largies!!!

Funny enough each image

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