• Lac La Biche, Alberta

    Lac La Biche, Alberta

    Location: Lac La Biche, Alberta GPS: N54º 50.524′ W112º 07.036′ Species: Walleye, Northern Pike This Hotspot is a series of humps in Lac La Biche […]

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  • Long Sault, Ontario

    Long Sault, Ontario

    Location: Long Sault, Ontario GPS: N45º 01.513′ W074º 53.592′ Species: Carp This Hotspot is directly in front of the winning “Peg” in the 2017 Carp […]

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  • Otonabee River, Ontario

    Otonabee River, Ontario

    Location: Otonabee River, Ontario GPS: N44º 16.430′ W078º 19.410′ Species: Carp This Hotspot is an easy-to-access deep hole in the Otonabee River in Peterborough, Ontario—all […]

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  • Lake St Francis, Ontario

    Lake St Francis, Ontario

    Location: Lake St. Francis, Ontario GPS: N45º 04.083′ W074º 31.591′ Species: Muskie This Muskellunge Hotspot is a drop-off in Lake St Francis. Trophy muskie live throughout […]

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  • Whitby Harbour, Ontario

    Whitby Harbour, Ontario

    Location: Whitby Harbour, Ontario GPS: N43º 51.453′ W078º 56.363′ Species: Northern Pike, Chinook Salmon This Hotspot is the back end of Whitby Harbour. It was […]

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  • Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario

    Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario

    Location: Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario GPS: N48º 25.920′ W084º 12.607′ Species: Walleye This Hotspot is a rocky point about midway up the southern portion of Wabatongushi […]

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  • Nagagami Lake, Ontario

    Nagagami Lake, Ontario

    Location: Nagagami Lake, Ontario GPS: N49 26.511 W085 02.472 Species: Walleye This Hotspot is a medium-sized hump rising from the depths of Nagagami Lake in […]

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