Gananoque Lake, Ontario

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Location: Gananoque Lake, Ontario
GPS: N44º 27.093′  W76º 8.483′
Species: Smallmouth, Bluegill and Pumpkinseed

This Hotspot is a place that Pete recently found on his holidays—seriously, this guy might take a holiday, but he never takes a break from fishing! The spot is on Gananoque Lake just north of the town of Gananoque, Ontario.

“This is an all-around fishing area that I found by cruising out of a back bay while Bass fishing,” explains Pete. “It’s a steep drop off close to shore—look for the big flat rock face on the shore. When I passed over it, my screen on the fish finder lit up. I plunked down a drop shot rig and popped two smallies really quick. I then proceeded to catch a bunch of nice Bluegill and Pumpkinseed.

“This would be a great family fishing spot. The fish on this particular day were from about twenty to thirty feet deep. The key is to fish the break and always watch your electronics.”

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