2021 Toronto Sportmen’s Show Postponed to 2022

Sad news strikes again as the nasty COVID-19 closes the doors for a second time on one of Canada’s most iconic outdoor extravaganzas, the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. So sad indeed. As if things weren’t bad enough after the 2020 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show was cancelled, the event has been postponed for another year, now scheduled to return March 17-20, 2022.  

Staying Strong

“Thank god the show organizers are staying positive and looking into the future for this iconic event,” says Angelo. “This show epitomizes all outdoor trade shows throughout the country. It is an annual staple that I’m sure many, like myself, never want to see permanently shut down.”

The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show’s popularity is so massive that it attracts crowds of attendees from out of province each year. It truly is an annual family event.

“I remember our Bowman family adventures to Toronto for the Sportsmen’s Show as a kid,” says Pete. “We would get up, all excited, ultra-early, hit the 401 from Napanee and drive all the way to the Pickering Go Station. That alone was a trip. But then we’d board the Go Train and head directly to the show. After a full day of walking, gawking, and spending money, we’d finally start the trek home, totally knackered! Not only did us kids sleep on the return train ride, but we’d sleep in the car as well. Not sure if dad enjoyed the quiet or was jealous.”

Silver Linings

There are a couple of upsides to this story, though. Number one, through sheer strength, determination and will, The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show is planning a full return in 2022. This is fantastic news for not only the show itself but the exhibitors and the thousands upon thousands of attendees that look forward to this annual event.

The second high note is The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show is introducing something called the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show Digital Marketing Platform. As per a recent press release, the show organizers plan to connect their exhibitors to their visitors in a unique way. We cannot wait to see what they have in store.

Bigger and Better Than Ever

“We are confident that the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show will not only return soon, but they will be bigger and better than ever,” says Angelo. “I can feel it in my bones!”

NOTE: If you have not heard yet, the Toronto Boat Show 2021 has also been cancelled. This press release has all the details

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