American Anglers Charged For Crossing Into Canadian Waters

Well, at least some authorities are taking this pandemic seriously (not pointing any fingers at international flights into Canada of course…). On April 15th, the Windsor Police Marine Unit, the RCMP’s Border Integrity Marine Operations division, and the Canada Border Services Agency all collaborated efforts to intercept a group of American anglers that were sighted fishing in Canadian waters.

Due to the pandemic and border crossing restrictions, local residents were concerned with seeing four US charter fishing boats, angling on the Canadian side of the Detroit River.

If you think this was accidental or out of ignorance, think again. It started out with 4 charter boats crossing the border but after a police chase, two were intercepted and the other two made it back to US waters. Them fleeing says guilty beyond a doubt.


Ten US citizens received fines under the Reopening Ontario Act for a total of $8,800. They were all served with a “notice of Direction to Return to the USA” by the CBSA under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Quarantine Act.

Here is the full story.

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