Angling Legend Ron Lindner Passes Away at Age 86

We are very sorry to hear the sad news of Ron Lindner’s passing earlier this week. Ron died at his home Monday, November 30th, after a brief bout with cancer and other illnesses.

Ron, along with brother Al, revolutionized the sport of fishing time and time again. He was an innovator, educator, entertainer, and a master of fishing. His on-camera personality always brought a smile to the viewing audience’s faces; he was a unique character, to say the least.

Angelo says Ron was one of the nicest people you’d ever want to know. “Ron had this uncanny way of always making you feel that you were his best buddy.” Angelo says that Ron Linder was one of the most respected TV anglers in the industry, always making time to chat with his peers. “He was what all of us in the biz aspire to be. He will be missed.”

The Lindner brothers started In-Fisherman Communications Network back in 1975. Together, Ron and Al published one of the best magazines in the industry, along with books, videos, a radio program, and of course, their groundbreaking In-Fisherman television series.

Ron and Al were also responsible for the creation of the Lindy Rig (a simple live-bait fishing system that still catches fish today) and the F+L+P=S system (Fish + Location + Presentation = Success). They taught us about Mesotrophic, Eutrophic and Oligotrophic lake classifications and were innovators in using their electronics in ways that nobody else ever knew how.

After selling In-Fisherman Communications, Ron and Al moved on to Lindner Media Productions, now led by Ron’s sons James and Dan. They produce the Angling Edge, The Ontario Experience, Fishing Edge, Ultimate Fishing Experience, and Angling Buzz.

Ron has been inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, the Normark Hall of Fame, and the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.

As you can probably surmise, Ron worked tirelessly in the fishing industry.
We know Ron was a man of faith, so there is no doubt he will be in the heavens above, casting down blessings on all of us who fish.

Mr. Lindner is survived by his wife, Dolores, their seven children, and many grandchildren.

Our condolences go out to all the Lindner family and friends. Ron will truly be missed by the entire angling community.

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