COVID Strikes Again: Access Denied to Major Salmon River

The town of Port Hope has taken its second huge fishing-related step to ensure its residents’ safety. To limit group gatherings during the ongoing pandemic, there will be a temporary closure of all lands under the ownership of the Municipality (including parks) that border the Ganaraska River. Readers may recall that there was a similar closure to the access of Ontario’s main Steelhead tributaries in the spring of 2020. These areas will again be closed in advance of the fall Salmon run. 

Remember, it is not just about the local anglers possibly transmitting the disease, but it is the out-of-towners that could very well bring in cases of COVID-19 and infect locals in stores, gas stations, etc.

Although the number of anglers that participate annually in the fall Salmon fishery on the Ganaraska River pales in comparison to the opening day Steelhead event, there is still enough participation to bring a well-anticipated economic boost to Port Hope. 

If you want to hear more about this, join us Friday, September 4th at noon for our live webcast. We will have a special guest, Jim McCormack, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture for the Municipality of Port Hope. If you have a question, here’s your chance to have it addressed.

For more info, go to the Port Hope web site.

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