Don’t go out on the ice yet!


That’s my kids newest saying and they’ll use it to anyone without even a hiccup! They often use it on me (and usually they’re right but I don’t let on).

In today’s case though, they need to be talking to the Manitobans in this article about their early ice antics.

My saying would mirror my kid’s thoughts but it would be more like “What The Hell Is Wrong With You People”

I mean, honestly, is ice fishing so important that you’ll jeopardize your truck, your family trailer, oh and one little more thing called your life? Don’t go out on the ice yet!

I get that we all love fishing but people, come on! Common sense must prevail for not only property purposes (trucks and trailers aren’t cheap) but how about a person’s life? If you go through that ice and you die, not only are your fishing forays over but more importantly, it’s your friends and family that suffer. Do you really want that on those closest to you for your dumb mistake?

This article has some excellent pictures which have captured the absolute mayhem that took place on the hard water. Incidentally, just because it’s called hard water doesn’t mean it’s safe to water.

Walking on questionable ice is a totally different animal (just as serious though) but taking a vehicle that weighs in at thousands of pounds onto unknown surfaces… that’s taking a HUGE risk. So I’ll say it one last time: Don’t go out on the ice yet!

Read about this, think about this and then take an honest look at the circumstances

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  1. If you decide to go out this early in the season at least have the foresight to tie a few spoons to your bumper so you can at least get some trolling in with the truck on the way down..on the other side of the coin. R U dum

  2. Aye Lads and Lasses ! Those “Stupidsillyus” creatures keep cropping up in the most obvious places. Obviously, these people have signed up as Space Cadets who have been cryogenically frozen before their fishing trip.

    Remember that old T.V. program, “Lost In Space” where the Robinson’s B-9 model environmental control robot yells out, “WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! at the slightest hint of danger. Well, the same could be said here, but nobody is listening. Some sort of “Brain Freeze” seems to have befallen these Abominable Snowmen, causing them to crash-land on an alien world, later identified by M.N.R.F. as Priplanus, where they spend the rest of the ice fishing season.

    Yes, the Stupidsillyus is a vile creature who is unwilling to heed the continuous warnings from officials. They prefer to remain in their own cryogenical state of suspended psychological animation, frozen in time!

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