Fish’n Canada’s “Lake X” Secret Mission

Angelo and Pete have been bursting at the seams wanting to unveil the latest Mercury Marine news BUT they had to hold off until today’s big reveal.

On a recent trip to Lake X in Florida, they had the distinct privilege of getting a first hand look at the latest projects that Mercury have been diligently working on.

“Being a Canadian and heading to Florida during winter” says Ang “is always a welcome relief from the cold, but add to that, the chance to test drive the latest and greatest Mercury outboard motors just caps the whole trip off”.

Where the heck is Lake X… don’t ask. Let’s just say it is the perfect proving grounds (waters) for boat and motor testing.

“We’ve got to hand it to Merc” says Pete “they put on a first class presentation for not only Ang and I, but a whole array of Canadian and American media operations”

The morning of arrival at Lake X, Ang and Pete noticed a gorgeous Princecraft 187 Sport Series tied to the docking area with a Darth Vader looking beast on the back. They knew right them, it was going to be a great day.

What they saw was a brand new designed 175hp, 4-Stroke on the Princecraft, as well as a variety of other hulls all sporting this new outboard, in different sizes and configurations.

“All of the Lake X Merc reps” says Ang “told us that if we wanted to see what these new babies really had to offer, take the Princecraft. They said we would be amazed”!

What an understatement!

“When that throttle was first buried,” continues Pete “it drove us both back in our seats… CRAZY power!”

The boys had fun testing/running/pushing etc. the rig and they both came back beaming ear to ear.

This new line of 4-strokes is a game changer!

Mercury Facebook Page Live Stream

 Fourstroke V6 Outboard Motor

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