Florida Strain Largemouth Are About to Get Even Bigger…

As reported late last month by Red Hills Fishery, there has been a breakthrough in breeding trophy-sized Largemouth Bass.

According to their press release, Richard L. Fisher, CEO of Red Hills Fishery, LLC, and The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) have recently identification of multiple, naturally occurring genetic indicators that predict the growth of Florida strain Largemouth bass to trophy size.

This breakthrough variant is being dubbed TITAN MAXX™

It even comes with its own logo!

According to Fisher, the TITAN MAXX™ fingerlings are “bred from parent fish carrying a significant number of the newly discovered trophy DNA markers, ensuring the passage of these markers to their offspring.”

“The unveiling of this remarkable discovery is a testament to Red Hills’ continuing dedication to advancing the field of Largemouth bass aquaculture, ” stated Paul Tudor Jones II, owner of Red Hills Fishery, LLC. “The identification of the natural genetic markers, which drive the growth of Florida strain Largemouth bass to trophy size, revolutionizes Red Hills’ existing breeding program; it also further solidifies the bridge between science and bass conservation, all the while paving the way for further growth enhancement across a myriad of bass populations.”

While it is still unclear where and when these fish will be stocked, Red Hills Fishery makes it known in their release that this fish is not just bound for private water, but may one day swim the waters of the nation’s public lakes and rivers as well.

What do you think of this new breakthrough? If you want to hear Ang and Pete’s take, check out the latest episode of the Outdoor Journal Radio podcast!

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