Garmin & Mercury Marine Connect

Futuristic fishing… will the technology ever slow down?

We hope not!

Looking back years ago, a fishfinder was just a fishfinder. No GPS, not a whole lot of detail and very few functions.

Today, there are so many features that it is almost mind boggling. Yet every one of those “pages” on that menu, has a distinct purpose for certain anglers.

Well, add another one to the list if you run a Garmin unit with a Mercury Smart Craft outboard. Now with VesselView engine data, you can monitor critical engine information like rpm, speed, fuel flow, temperature, trim and much more right on your ECHOMAP™ Ultra, ECHOMAP UHD 7-, or 9-inch units and GPSMAP units.

Some will argue as to what’s the point since they already have Smart Gauges installed in the dash of their boat. We say, “why not use every view available, especially when you can have everything monitored on a single screen”.


Here is an on the water example as to how VesselView could work for you. Let’s say you are on your way back to the boat ramp during a lengthy boat ride. With an extremely accurate gas gauge on your Garmin screen, which not only shows levels but flow as well, you can either feel confident that a fuel stop will not be needed on the water or, that a quick splash is absolutely necessary in order to make it back.

It’s simple things like these that ultimately make your fishing day go that much nicer.


As per the Garmin website, VesselView functionality is expected to be available for Garmin customers in the second quarter of 2021. It will require a free software update from Garmin and the purchase of a SmartCraft Connect gateway from Mercury.

Connect the two systems together and voila… all the info you need about your Merc on a single screen.


We feel that partnerships like this one are a prime example as to companies like Mercury and Garmin making an angler’s day on the water, more productive, enjoyable and safe. What more can we ask for??? 

Here is the Garmin press release

Here is the Mercury Dockline Blog

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