Huge Fish Kill in Iowa

As heard on the Outdoor Journal Radio podcast

News from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that approximately 265,000 gallons of liquid nitrogen fertilizer were discharged into a drainage ditch, which then trickled into the East Nishnabotna River and affected 49.8 miles of the Nishnabotna. 

One might justifiably ask how this could happen. Well, apparently a valve was “left open” on a storage tank (above ground) for a full weekend.  

The carnage numbers are quite alarming:

Species Number of Fish
Minnow Shiner Dace Chub707,871
Common Carp9,255
Channel Catfish7,681
Flathead Catfish264
Green Sunfish935
Silver Carp67
Largemouth Bass69
Grass Carp, diploid6,654

Cleanup efforts are ongoing.

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