Is Fishing Okay During The Pandemic?

The world is a crazy place right now. With the Covid19 virus running rampant across the entire planet, everyone is essentially in panic mode; and for good reason.

Confinement to homes and social/physical distancing is the big message being sent out globally to help stop the spread of the deadly virus.

So then the question arises, is it wrong if a person were to get in the car (alone), drive to a creek (during open season), park the car, walk to the creek bank keeping the 6’ distance from other people in the play, and then partake in their favourite sport called fishing?

We’ll bet there are as many votes for as there are against.

Of course, the non-angling fraternity of the world will be against it. Let’s be honest, since they don’t fish, they don’t understand the passion. They also know the need to stay at home and do the part at helping the cause.

Then is going to the grocery store safe practice?

Well, it may not be any safer however it is a necessity if you are running out of food.

How about the liquor store or beer store?

That’s a touchy one. Some will say people should stay home, others won’t.

How about taking a walk through town? We all need to get outside right? What’s wrong with walking on a sidewalk and when encountering oncoming people with the same thoughts as to getting out, keeping that 6’ rule in play?

That one is pretty much bang on with comparison to the angler on his “lonesome” creek fishing adventure. By the way, we’ve never seen so many people out for walks as there are now.

In one of the links below, there’s a quote towards people having reasons to leave their residence, individuals are allowed “To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with social distancing requirements of six feet (for example, walking, biking, hiking, running, or fishing).”

The true meaning of isolation


This is not considered physical distancing as there only 2-3 feet between Ang and Pete

By simply moving as far apart as possible, physical distancing can be accomplished

If you really think about it, fishing might be the most perfect form of social/physical distancing of all outdoor-sporting activities. Yes, Pete and Ang are anglers so yes they’re going to show bias towards their favourite pastime but that said, it’s a hard one to argue. If we are told by law to stay indoors, then fishing is obviously not allowed. If however, people walk their dogs, take bike rides or motorcycle rides, go to the remaining retail outlets that remain open and even those that have to go to work, then what is right and what is wrong? As long as the government doesn’t ban fishing and deem it as too dangerous under the current conditions, we’re pretty sure the die-hards will still be beating the bank.

Please give us your opinion.

Most of the following links are based out of the USA. If you find any Canadian links please share:

Even the specialty fishermen are affected by this:

18 Replies to “Is Fishing Okay During The Pandemic?”

  1. Is it legal? Sure, right now – but why look for loopholes?

    It is insulting to our medical professionals and others to do anything that is remotely risky at this time. While making your way to that creek did you stop for gas? What about if the car breaks down and you need a tow? What if you break an ankle navigating that creek-bed and need to head to ER, a hotspot to get the virus?

    What part of “stay home” is hard to understand?

    I miss fishing, I miss boating, I miss kayaking. But this too shall pass, and it will pass even faster if people stay home and act with respect and dignity, rather than looking for excuses to go fishing “because it helps my mental health” or whatever… are you really that much of a snow flake?

    Thanks for listening 🙂

    1. A lot of good reasons to stay at home. I usually fish with a buddy . That is no longer possible. Whether it is shore or out of a boat there are to many what if,s for me to risk a fishing trip by myself.

  2. Thanks for this question!
    I have personally just returned from some ice fishing and I came home early. I didn’t think much of it until I’m sitting on the ice with some locals who by the way are practicing social distancing and are well aware of the virus and it’s implications. As I’m sitting there and discussing all things “ice fishing” and worldly events I’m becoming aware of the why I should not be there. Staying home doesn’t mean you jump into your vehicle and go fishing because you think it’s okay. We have heard about the “non symptom” carrier, those are the worse because they don’t know that they may be infecting others without knowing. This, like any virus are insidious and this particular cover-19 virus is also ruthless to those with compromised immune systems. To make a long story short let me just say, if I was one of those individuals as a “non symptom” carrier and I was responsible for unknowingly spreading it to my fellow fisherman I would be devastated and the guilt would last forever if they should succumb. On another note, what if you weren’t at all a carrier and one or more of these individuals that you came into contact with should come down with this virus, guess who they’re going to blame! Yes, stay home people, listen to what’s happening around you and stay safe. This is not a time to be selfish and think it’s okay, it’s not! I know! It’s hard to get your head around it but for your sake, the people you meet and for others around you stay safe and keep others safe. Thanks for allowing me to voice my opinion and bless you all.

  3. It is a tough call, but the consequences of mishaps could be regretful, specially with my condition of Parkinson, yes I would like to escape away from it all but I’d rather not chance it and respect the authority and do my part and stay home and not feel guilty by crossing the line. Every situation is unique, depends where you are, so our fishing date is April 15, I’ll call it when that time come.

  4. Well lots of the parks are closed in Alberta so I would say it is not the right decision to go fishing. Plus, you could get fined, which would break social distancing from the officer you get the ticket from. Stay home. Unless you live on a lake and can fish from your yard or dock then you should pass on fishing.

    Like the PM said “Go home and stay home!”.

    Please do your part for the safety of all Canadians. This is a serious matter.

  5. It is getting near that time when the good lessons learned from those on the front lines and the secondary lines of grocery stores, drug stores etc. should help us ease back into a normal, or ‘the new normal’ life. I am concerned that the virtue signalling of some politicians, attempting to out show their brilliance will want to dictate ever increasing rules that will delay the recovery of the economy. Hopefully there will be enough adults in charge to make sensible decisions. We know the risks, we know the defences and we ought to be prudent in all we do. Follow the rules for the good of all but expect those rules to be well thought out.

  6. In your example photo above, yes by being at opposite ends of the boat, you can be 6’ apart at that particular point in time, but there is no way you can realistically maintain that for the entire trip. At some point you are going to switch sides, or help net a big fish, or sit beside each other as you are running out to a new location, and in all cases, you are going to be touching common areas of the boat and equipment such as when each of you grab the shared net, or take turns grabbing the rod with the bite – effectively causing no end of cross contamination.

  7. HI as an avid angler both boat and shore, I totally agree with the social distance practice. It is not marshal law yet that you must stay indoors. So I think that as long as you practice safe distance protocol, fishing should be a safe and pleasurable way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Although my fishing buddy wants to go in the boat we will have to wait, and by God’s blessing this will soon be over.

  8. Fools! – or more precisely, asinine Covidiots! Stop looking for loop holes !!

    One thing I learned while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, orders were meant to be obeyed, not questioned! Obedience was paramount, because in an actual sense our lives may and will depend on them, especially in a theater of war such as this pandemic. Corona Virus, that so called “bullet to the brain” will take you out no matter your location. You can’t see it, hear it, smell it, taste it or feel it coming. A silent killer with no age preference. Corona Virus can live on surfaces for hours and days waiting for the next fool to step on the “land mine”.

    As I have said many times before, “A man’s intelligence is not measured by how much knowledge he has acquired. It is measured by how wisely he has applied that knowledge.” Now more than ever, that quintessential argument should play a prominent role in your lives.

    Virtue signalling by federal politicians, with their own brand of a “Bolshevik” government, is a dangerous road to follow. Daily trinkets of political posturing and vague tactical information does produce a false sense of security among the citizenry, as we have seen across Canada.

    All this my fellow complacent anglers, puts you in the line of fire! – A “bullet to the brain” that you never saw coming!

  9. No fishing is not okay, what part about do your part don’t you get? It’s a numbers game, because you have to come in to contact with someone else. The guy pumping your gas, the kid in the convenience store, buddy at the bait shop. You can’t win against a virus, if it doesn’t get you, it’ll get someone else. Avoidance, stay at home and watch fishncanada on YouTube. Watch a video and learn how to cast a fly rod. I learned between the covers of field and stream and sports afield. That was forty years ago, before there was a YouTube. Learn how to dance, doesn’t matter what you learn. Just stay home.

  10. I am a Gram who loves fishing . I will be staying home so I can teach my grandkids when it’s safe to fish again, to pass my love of fishing on to them. Be safe all.

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