Is Fishing Okay During The Pandemic?

The world is a crazy place right now. With the Covid19 virus running rampant across the entire planet, everyone is essentially in panic mode; and for good reason.

Confinement to homes and social/physical distancing is the big message being sent out globally to help stop the spread of the deadly virus.

So then the question arises, is it wrong if a person were to get in the car (alone), drive to a creek (during open season), park the car, walk to the creek bank keeping the 6’ distance from other people in the play, and then partake in their favourite sport called fishing?

We’ll bet there are as many votes for as there are against.

Of course, the non-angling fraternity of the world will be against it. Let’s be honest, since they don’t fish, they don’t understand the passion. They also know the need to stay at home and do the part at helping the cause.

Then is going to the grocery store safe practice?

Well, it may not be any safer however it is a necessity if you are running out of food.

How about the liquor store or beer store?

That’s a touchy one. Some will say people should stay home, others won’t.

How about taking a walk through town? We all need to get outside right? What’s wrong with walking on a sidewalk and when encountering oncoming people with the same thoughts as to getting out, keeping that 6’ rule in play?

That one is pretty much bang on with comparison to the angler on his “lonesome” creek fishing adventure. By the way, we’ve never seen so many people out for walks as there are now.

In one of the links below, there’s a quote towards people having reasons to leave their residence, individuals are allowed “To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with social distancing requirements of six feet (for example, walking, biking, hiking, running, or fishing).”

The true meaning of isolation


This is not considered physical distancing as there only 2-3 feet between Ang and Pete

By simply moving as far apart as possible, physical distancing can be accomplished

If you really think about it, fishing might be the most perfect form of social/physical distancing of all outdoor-sporting activities. Yes, Pete and Ang are anglers so yes they’re going to show bias towards their favourite pastime but that said, it’s a hard one to argue. If we are told by law to stay indoors, then fishing is obviously not allowed. If however, people walk their dogs, take bike rides or motorcycle rides, go to the remaining retail outlets that remain open and even those that have to go to work, then what is right and what is wrong? As long as the government doesn’t ban fishing and deem it as too dangerous under the current conditions, we’re pretty sure the die-hards will still be beating the bank.

Please give us your opinion.

Most of the following links are based out of the USA. If you find any Canadian links please share:

Even the specialty fishermen are affected by this:

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