MNRF seek men for illegal fishing

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is looking for help in finding people suspected of illegally fishing.

It happened last month on the south end of Lake Muskoka near Gravenhurst.

Conservation officers from the Parry Sound office received information that fishermen seen in these photos were setting lines and then leaving them for the night during the weekend of March 23rd and 24th.

Officers are trying to identify who the men are and would like to speak to them.

Leaving fishing lines unattended is a violation of the Ontario Fishery Regulations. If fishing lines sit unchecked, non-target and prohibited size fish can be caught and may spoil.

The MNRF would like anyone with information about this incident to call Conservation Officer Todd Steinberg 705-646-5554 or the MNRF TIPS line at 1-877-847-7667 toll-free anytime.

Credit: MNRF

Photo Credit: MNRF

One Reply to “MNRF seek men for illegal fishing”

  1. It only takes a few “nincompoops” to ruin it for the rest of us in the angling world. Whether we be the open water freelancing type or the hard water honchos brand, the eyes of every Conservation Officer and fisherman alike will hold many in a state of suspicion. I don’t mean we should all become paralyzed with fear and paranoia, but it will raise questions and concerns as to the intents of unfamiliar people in the area. Then again, that may be a good thing in this instance. Caution and common sense should prevail, to prevent any false or defamatory accusations.

    These contraventions of the Ontario Fishery Regulations should be every anglers top priority. Protecting our fisheries is not just a one of, by any means. If you allow even one perpetrator to escape prosecution, others will definitely follow in increasing numbers. Making an example of these people will slow down the infractions but as you have seen in previous blogs of this nature, there is always a few other “nincompoops” wandering around.

    I know this sounds like an impossible task but if everyone pitches in, I’m sure these interlopers will spend plenty of time explaining their errors to a judge.

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