Never Fish Without Eye Protection


This photo is gruesome, to say the least, so if you’re a bit squeamish you may what to skip this one. However, if it takes images like this one to drive home just how important it is to wear eye protection when fishing, then so be it.

The primary reason most anglers wear sunglasses is for increased visibility by the elimination of surface glare, but the real reason to always cover your eyes when fishing is to avoid what happened to high profile Lake Michigan fishing guide Bret Alexander. Bret, who has over 40 years of experience, was routinely netting a PB fish for his guest when the bait came loose from the fishes’ mouth and hit him squarely on his left eyeball. Unfortunately, he was not wearing his sunglasses at the time.

He has had two operations so far with more to come, but as of right now he has no sight in the left eye! Bret is hopeful that with a few more operations and some healing time he will get his sight back.

Bret says, “from this point on I will always be wearing sunglasses!”

From sunup to sundown–whether you’re a seasoned pro or a young newbie–never be without your sunglasses or some form of eye protection while fishing.

We all wish him a speedy and complete recovery.


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  1. Eye protection is a big deal. Your eyes can suffer UV damage, hook injuries and a whole host of hurt. It was around thirty years ago, I took a woman from one of the locks on the Trent canal to the emergency ward at Peterborough civic hospital. She had a hook in her eyelid. She wouldn’t quit pulling at it, so we taped it to her face. She was way too twitchy to cut the hooks off. Sun goggles and a long billed hat go a long way to a good day on the water. Clear safety goggles for after sundown. They don’t look cool, but a crank bait stuck to your mug doesn’t look cool either.

  2. Sunny days and brain cramps! This foolishness should not befit one iota of sympathy!

    I get a little sick and tired of hearing every now and then how anglers hook themselves in the most sensitive anatomical places. Totally preventable in my opinion. Sure, sun glasses are the primary source for U.V. protection for your eyes, BUT that is where the safety feature stops. Sunglasses will NOT protect your eyes from a fishing lure travelling at warp speed. In fact, upon impact shards of glass/plastic could become embedded in your eye ball causing irreparable damage. They are not “Safety Glasses”.

    Safety Glasses on the other hand, are worn to protect the eyes in various situations. They are made with break-proof plastic lenses to protect the eye from flying debris or other matter. Again, Sun Glasses DO NOT offer this type of protection. Assuming so, is an asinine process.
    So let’s set the record straight and look at the main cause of these squeamish head shots.

    Obviously, the malicious exuberance of the average Angler can not be over looked. Unnecessarily horsing your line to the breaking point, whether fighting a fish or dealing with a snag, will undoubtedly get you your just reward and a few chuckles. Mature adults should know better. But I won’t hold my breath on this one, nor will I offer any condolences.

    Get a grip people. Use your head for what God intended. It takes only common sense, logic and being aware of your surroundings.

  3. ..another reason to go barbless! I have been doing for over 30 years and there is no reason at all for that little barb at the end of every Ontario angler’s hook, no reason — CLIP YOUR BARBS PEOPLE!

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